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AIS Technology Ltd, through its partner company Arantec Engineering, has supplied and installed a Weather Station at Ta Nigret, Rabat.

The project was commissioned by The Energy and Water Agency through the European Union and the EEA and Norway Grants program commission. AIS Technology and Arantec equipped a weather station for the measurement of hydro climatic parameters at the Water Awareness Conservation Center in Nigret, Rabat Malta. The aim of the project is to improve students' understanding of the importance of climatic factors for the management of water resources and their conservation.

It highlights AIS Technology's commitment to partner with government authorities and agencies so as to respect the environment and increase awareness into the importance of water for life and biodiversity on the planet.

This initiative was possible thanks to the collection of the following parameters from the following equipment:

  • Rain through a surface rainwater collecting water of 500 cm2
  • Temperature from -10 to 50ºC and Relative Humidity up to 100%, by means of a joint sensor.
  • Solar radiation from 300nm to 80μm, using a radiometer that measures both the incident radiation of the sun and that reflected from the ground.
  • Wind through a wind speed sensor up to 50 m / s and 360 ° direction.
  • Barometric pressure from sea level up to 300 m altitude, using a barometer located in the box of the datalogger.
  • Evaporation with an evaporator of 1,200 mm in diameter and 250 mm of height with its corresponding probe of level and grate of protection of birds.

All these sensors are connected to the datalogger that collects the meteorological data and sends information by means of GPRS to the Cloud servers. Real time data can be viewed via the web based platform, thus allowing the entire educational community to benefit from the initiative.


AIS Technology has supplied and delivered a crushing device for glass containers at WasteServ Malta. The system allows for the crushing of glass items for various waste streams. This includes glass bottles, containers, domestic and industrial glass and can handle glass streams containing impurities such as cork, labels, metal caps and also liquids of various consistencies.


IRRIIS, short for Integrated Risk Reduction of Information-based Infrastructure Systems, is an ambitious EU research project aimed at strengthening and facilitating data exchange between large complex critical infrastructures (LCCIs) such as the telecommunication's and power providers.

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