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Prepaid Intelligent Electrical Meters

prepaid-meterIntroducing a new range of smart single or three phase meters ideal for:

  • Rental apartments
  • Garages
  • Boat pontoons
  • Caravan sites etc.

Our Electric Pre-paid Watt-Hour Meter is ideal for owners who rent out any type of property to third parties.


Payment of electricity consumption is effected before actual usage, so our meter will help you avoid the usual problems associated with the collection of fees.

How it works

Our meters have a slot which accommodates a chip card. This card is programmed or 'charged' with a number of electrical units. Like a telephone card, the meter will only provide electricity if a charged chip card is inserted.

AIS will provide you with a card programmer and as many cards and meters as you require. The cards are reprogrammable and can be re-used. AIS can offer both single phase and three phase meters.

Prepaid Metering Benefits

  • Allows tenants and users to consume as much electricity as they can afford.
  • No more credit and collection issues.
  • No monthly bills.
  • Tenants benefit from monitoring electricity use throughout their building
  • Reduction of electricity waste.


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